Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Merckx

Eddy Merckx Grand Prix. This one, according to Gitabike, the importer, is an '88/89. It was probably sold as a frameset originally. Its my rider, so its set up with modern(ish) components.

  • Ultegra 600 calipers
  • Ultegra hubs + cassette
  • Dura Ace downtube shifters and brake levers
  • Mavic 631 Cranks
  • Mavic 862 front derailleur, 840 rear derailleur
  • Cinelli Campione Del Mondo Bars
  • Cinelli 1A stem
  • Look 356 Pedals
  • Mavic Open Pro rims
  • Tufo CS33 tubular clinchers
  • Campagnolo Croce d'Aune seatpost.

Yeah. Thats pretty much what its made of.


Anonymous said...

you have all that campy and shimano 600 on your bike???

Jolle said...


I have a Merckx bicycle as well. Not in such an excellent state as yours, but i would like to know more about the date of this bike.

Do you have an emailadress where i can sent you some pictures and information? For i cannot find one on your website...

Thank you very much

Jeremy said...

Hi Jolle-
blogs at tears for gears dot com is the place to send pics. If you send me the serial number, I'll be happy to tell you what I can about your bike.

jan Willem said...

Hi Jeremy,

Please, tell me what you can make of the serial number of my Eddy Merckx racingbike:


Hope to hear from you,

Anonymous said...

Are you still taking updates for the Mercks serial numbers?

Emerxil said...

This marking is only used for frames built for the team profile. The Z4550 EL 2 86 was built in 1985 for the 1986 season, EL is a rider's initials (if it were FL it would fit Francisco Lopez of team Kelme).

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