Monday, November 28, 2005

Saavedra Headset

Recently acquired a Saavedra headset. Saavedra was (is?) an Argentinian company that was probably best known for its Turbo rim -- extremely lightweight, and apparently not the longest lifespan. They also made components that were Campagnolo knockoffs. This headset is one of them -- albeit with an interesting twist.

As usual, click any picture for a larger version.

The headset looks like what would happen if a C-Record headset mated with a Stronglight Delta. The lock nut and part of the adjustable race look C-Record, but the entire bottom assembly, and the upper race look like a Delta.

And like a Delta, its a roller bearing design, with steel races. Quite nice, and cheap to boot. 43mm (give or take a mm) stack height. 115 grams -- so while its a tall headset, its also quite light compared to other comparable headsets.


MarchaFixa said...

There are one for sale at eBay.

Marcelo said...

Argentinian bicycle handcraft was pretty good until the nineties, when mtb and the importation of all those goods made all the industry dissapear.

Besides Saavedra, you can mention Savoretti, Giorgia, and frame designers such as Privitera, Orlando Mercuri, Cevasco, Enrique Ali, Lopez Alvarez.

With the vintage revival all this pieces were brought back to life.

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