Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Mavic goodies

631 Crank

801 Derailleur

820 Retrofriction Shifters

As always, click any picture for a bigger version.

Cool stuff. The cranks are destined to be mounted on my Merckx, once I find a bottom bracket of the right size -- 70x113 Italian bottom brackets aren't terribly easy to find these days, especially in a square taper. They're probably heavier than the Ultegras on there now, but weight be damned, I'm all about aesthetics. Sooner or later I'll track down an 840 rear derailleur. They're Shimano indexing compatible, so I'll be able to keep the Shimano 9 speed shifters and cassette. Going non-indexed on my main rider just isn't going to happen.


Lightweight Buffmeister said...

Hmmmm...I really like the late 80's to mid 90's Mavic equipment too. I have about a complete bikes worth now, shortly to be built onto a neat Rauber frameset. You might want to see my buffing blog: I buffed a 631 crankset back to life from a sorry state.
Scroll down, or access the archived blog entries as it's one of the first made.

bklyn74 said...

Hi- Enjoyed cruising through your blog! Cool Merckx! Anyway, I'm wondering if you ever found a 70x113 BB for sqaure taper cranks, because I am currently losing my mind trying to find one. Harris Cyclerly has 70x115. . so close, yet so far.

Jeremy said...

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news is, I did manage to find not one, but 2 bottom brackets in 70x113. One was a barely used Phil Wood -- since the mounting rings are seperate, any 113mm bottom bracket from them works fine, and you just have to get mounting rings. The other was a Shimano UN-72. I picked up both figuring it couldn't hurt to have a spare around.

The bad news is, having a spare around for a Phil Wood didn't make much sense when I thought about it, so I ended up selling it.

I'd keep your eyes peeled on eBay. The size is oddball, so when they pop up, they don't (or didn't) sell for quite the same price as a more common size.

Truth be told, I wouldn't sweat using a slightly wider bottom bracket. On a multi-speed bike, your chainline is pretty mediocre in most gears anyhow, and the 2mm really won't spell the end of the world. Course, I'm a heathen, so take that advice with a grain of salt (from the pillar I'm likely to be turned in to from suggesting it).

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