Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Modolo Brakes - SLK Style...

Modolo made a whole variety of brakes, particularly in the late 80's and early 90's. Eventually I'll get around to cataloging the earlier "Professional" style calipers, but here's a rundown of the SLK family. Click any picture for a larger version.

The ALX90 was, I think, the top of the line at the time. Or maybe it was...

The Equipe. I think this just may have also been designated the KX90. Definitely a pattern with different names for what amount to different finishes -- these look identical to the ALX90's. Can you spot the differences? Slightly different stripes on the brake arm, and the graphics on the levers themselves.

Uh oh. The Master SLK 90. Looks just about 100% identical to the above, but in a white finish.

Finally, the Mach. This is a Mach I, the lowest on the totem pole. Still a nice brake. The fixing hardware is different. They also came with cheapy, molded brake blocks.

In pecking order, they likely go:
Master SLK / Equipe
Mach (III, II, I)

But I'm not sure on the top 3. They're extremely similar. I'd only put the ALX90 below the Master SLK + Equipe due to the lack of graphics on the brake levers. Very scientific.

One things for certain. This family is where the Mavic 440 comes from.


Joe said...

Any idea for a modern pad replacement? All of the ones I've purchased (to replace the old dried out pencil erasers) have had one of three problems.
1- the female mounting screw post is too fat and will not insert into the caliper slot.
2- the male screw head and washers are to wide to fit into the caliper slot.
3- this only happened on one set but, using original mounting screw and washer from original pad (to clear the issues above) the new pad thread pitch was wrong :(

RickBradbury said...

Cool Stop make great pad replacements for these callipers made in the USA the salmon coloured ones are better in the wet weather.

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