Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Mavic 571 cassette hub

Finally managed to score a Mavic 571 rear hub.

It came to me with an original, and as far as I can tell, unused, 13-23 Mavic cassette. The original skewer wasn't present; fortunately I have a correct one.

It's not the 571/2HG, so its unlikely I'll use it any time soon -- it would require actually shifting (ha!) to 821 shifters, or Shimano 8 speed brifters...neither are options I'm particularly interested in at the moment. If I stumble across a suitable rim, maybe I'll build it up. Just in case, ya know, I decide to try it out.


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Matt Forrester said...

G'day Jeremy, I hope that you're faring well & enjoying your summer weather in your half of the world at present, mate?! Anyway, I own two Mavic 571 rear hubs with different freehubs from one another. One of them is very similar to the HG freehub version but the grooves/splines along the freehub are more rounded & undulating (very "pretty", as one would expect from Mavic!) than the more square HG style & I'm 99% sure that it's the same type as the one that you have pictured above - so God only knows where I will find a cassette to fit it?!

And my other 571 rear hub has a freehub that reminds me of the Shimano Uniglide hubs/freehubs, with exterior threading upon the final 10 cm's or so of the outer end of the freehub. Will this freehub simply accept a Shimano Uniglide cassette (with the smallest cog threading onto the freehub to hold the entire cassette) in 7 or 8 speed, by any chance? I wish that I had a Uniglide cassette on hand, so that I could simply test it but it would be a rather pricey mistake to make if it didn't fit, given how expensive even half-decent Uniglide cassettes are to buy nowadays!

So, seeing as though you would have forgotten more about Mavic than I will EVER know, I'd REALLY love to obtain your assistance with my dilemma re: each of these Mavic rear hubs that are both in excellent condition & simply being wasted at present.

Thanks heaps for your time in advance, mate...cheers & best wishes from "Down Under"...Matt.

Matt Forrester said...

EDIT: Sorry Jeremy...when I wrote "10cm's" in my comment above, I meant to write "10mm's"!!

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