Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two versions of the original Powergrade brake lever

Did you know Campagnolo partially redesigned the Powergrade brake lever used for Delta brakes? Me neither.

In 1988, Campy switched to the Powergrade brake lever, so one could fine tune the cable pull at the lever. In 1989, they changed the design subtly.

The angle the cable end holder thingy is adjusted at changed. The earlier lever is on the left and the later on the right. The range on the 1988 version is relatively small, and more horizonal. The later version gives a little more range. The hoods also changed at some point from the type that takes a plug (as found in the pre-powergrade version from 1987 and prior) to one that has a punch out piece molded in.

Useless info, but interesting nonetheless.

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