Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mavic 571/2 HG Hubset

Well I certainly never thought I'd find a set, but it happened. NOS, still in the boxes 571/2 HG hubset. And they're perfect.

Not a scratch.

The biggest problem is, how could I ever bring myself to use these? And so the search for a gently used set continues.


Anonymous said...

I have a set of those that I use everyday on a set of wheels that I laced myself. I have the set that can use Campa cogs (8 speed). I love the 571's, they look great, especially the back hub with the medium sized flanges.

I have tried to find another set without luck (for Campa). I have a couple of rear hubs that work with Mavic's hubs, but the finishing is no where near the Campa edition.

Unknown said...

I found one for sale on ebay right now.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the link! The one on eBay at the moment is the non-HG version - it uses a proprietary Mavic spline for its cassettes. Same great internals as the HG, but the cassettes are very difficult to find these days.

571/2 HG's have been popping up with some frequency on eBay lately. The prices they're fetching are high, which makes sense given how great a hub it is - but isn't so wonderful when you want to use one as a rider.

BigRinger said...

These are truly beautiful hubs. Actually it is rarer to find the Mavic 577, the mountain bike version of this hub.

Jürgen Häberer said...

any idea if i could change the freewheel body of a mavic propriarity freewheel body to a 571 hg if i would find one? just got a NOS 571 set with 117 sup rims and a bunch of cogs to ride... would be nice to have easy replacement in the future... so long i gonna ride the sharkfin cogs ;)

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