Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yay for me, boo to all of you

Here's another Merckx team -- Capri-Sonne

Yep, Capri-Sonne, known here in the US as Capri Sun, those funny little silver juice pouches from the early 80's, that apparently are still around. Who knew?

They rode a silver frame, as seen a little better here. Calling some of these solid colors "team colors" is pushing it a bit, but it fits my criteria. Too bad I'm the one who found it, otherwise someone might have found themselves with a nice, 100% free jersey. Still plenty of teams out there to identify, and a couple of days to do so...


Unknown said...

Just bought a bike with similar eddy merckx frame. What do you know about it. The Columbus decal it is sort of faded, I wonder if it is a SLX or a lower quality tube set.
What year were those frame set of decal produced? Thanks so much for your help.

Jeremy said...

The easiest way to determine what the frame is would be to go to http://www.cadre.org/Merckx, which has my serial number archive. If its a later model, it will have an X as part of the serial if its an SLX bike.

If its early, it might not. The SLX decal has always said SLX on it, while the SL decal didn't say SL until the late 80's. SLX wasn't available in quantity until the mid 80's, so if your frame is pre-85, its PROBABLY SL, not SLX.

The quick and dirty way to check for SLX is, from the bottom bracket end, to feel for helical ridges in the seat tube. If you've got sharp eyes and a flashlight, you might be able to do it by taking the seatpost out. SLX (and SPX, and TSX...) has them, while SL does not.

bjorn said...

trying to date my frame,
its has the same font as this one,
do you now when they changed fonts ??

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