Monday, December 31, 2007

Marc - V.R.D.

Just recently found another few Merckx sponsored teams. First up is Marc-V.R.D., starting in 1980! Might have been the first Merckx sponsored team.

Their frames looked somewhat similiar to the above. Marc teams continued to use Merckx frames for a couple of years, but I haven't found any decent pictures to indicate what they looked like.

In 1985, Tönnisteiner roade Merckx frames. Here's a black and white picture of Filip Cottenies. In this picture, you can just make out someone (might be Cottenies, I'm not sure) on a white frame with a red head tube and read seat tube panel.


Anonymous said...

This frame is going back up on the auction block - best bike, but too long and stems aren't solving my issues.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing. That's my dad you have there. I didn't know he'd reach the US. Haha :)!
Any chance you have the picture from the link that doesn't work (apparently:

Unknown said...

You're in luck! has a copy.

If that doesn't load for some reason drop another comment here, or send me an email - details are in the box at the upper right of this page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the working link!
The cyclist from Torhout-Werchter in the right isn't Filip Cottenies (my dad ;) ), it's Benny Van Brabant.


Tăng chiều cao said...

Emerxil said...

Marc - Zeepcentrale - EM - 1981 and Marc - Moernlux - EM - 1982, cyclocross: Dany Nooytens, Alfons Van Parijs, Robert Vermeire 2, Lucien Zeimes; frame colours blue (maybe silver)
IWC - Imex - EM 1981/1982, track (Omnium, 6 day racings): Patrick Sercu; frame colour orange (dark yellow). Marc team did not use EM bikes on the road after 1980.

Anonymous said...

The Marc VRD Merckx frames were provided just after the TDF, they were silver "signature" professional frames with no serials on the BBshell, i own 2 official VRD bikes (apparently only 5 left in the world) mine are Partic Sercu and Marc Dierickx 's bikes.
All the blue frames you see in the old pictures were still Superia frames with blacked out decall's, they rode those bikes in the TDF bcs Eddy didn't have his frames ready for the whole team.

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