Monday, January 14, 2008

Mavic 870 Triple Front Derailleur

Mavic offered more or less the same front derailleur from the late seventies until they got out of the component game in the 90's. It went from a plain aluminum colored version (810) to the anodized, "SSC" version (860), and was sold as a clamp on (810/860), French style braze-on (811/861) and Italian braze-on (812/862). The 860 and 862 are pretty frequently seen, the 810/812 a little less so. The French braze-on is less common, but very rarely used, and so there's little demand there.

Mavic also offered a very hard to find triple derailleur, starting sometime in the mid-80's. Designated the 830 (non-anodized) and the 870 (anodized SSC), it was the same as the 810/860, with a longer cage.

I was lucky enough to stumble on a trio of Mavic 870 derailleurs recently, which I got for an eminently fair price.

And because they're so easily broken down + reassembled, if one needed a braze-on triple (872), and all they had was a clamp on (870), they could just swap out the body from a double (862). Too cool!


Yann G.S. said...

you wouldnt be interested in selling would you? I have been having a very hard time finding a derailleur that will work with a triple TA and is braze on (without going modern), as you mention it wouldnt be too hard to swap out the cage.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, I'm not interested in selling mine. I originally had 3, and sold off all but one, which I'm going to keep.

There's one on eBay with a very reasonable price:

$100 US shipped is less than I sold mine for - and this one is already braze-on.

Gmackler said...

Your blog leaves one to believe that the Mavic triple only came in the 830/870 variant and was not available as a braze-on version, is this correct? Is there any difference in the body of a 860/862 and an 870 derailleur? I would think the spring would have a different tension/length, and the limit screws would be longer/shorter. I just scored a Mavic triple derailleur but it doesn't seem to come with the clamp. Does that mean its a cobbled together piece?

Jeremy said...

There was a 872 sold as well. Probably an 871, though I've never seen one - I'd imagine they'd be incredibly rare in the US. So yours isn't likely cobbled together.

Same spring, same body as the 86x. Same screws too - they're very long on the 86x.

All of the triple stuff is rare when compared to double. They just weren't as popular.

Gmackler said...

Well, here's hoping I get a 872 and not a 871 considering its coming over from the UK. Thanks for your blog...interested in an immaculate NOS set of Mavic SSC brake levers? I found 'em in Belgium, but am planning something else for my project:

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