Monday, November 23, 2009

Sachs New Success WTF?

The Bicycle Guide that provided last week's Mavic article also provided this gem:

Sach's New Success group was built from parts they sourced from various other companies - Modolo did the brakes for this group, and Campagnolo would later produce cranks, derailleurs and a Sachs model of Ergopower for them. Sachs provided the hubs for the group. Nice looking stuff, and something a little different.

This advertisement for the group from 1990 has something a little odd in it. Spot it yet?

In the upper right hand corner of the group picture is this beauty. A 6 speed freewheel + internally geared hub? Definitely a 'WTF' moment.

Anyone know if these actually existed? If you have any info, let me know!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bicycle Guide on 1990's Mavic Group

1989 saw massive changes to the Mavic component lineup. Gone were the Campy knockoff cranks, old-style Modolo brakes, Simplex shifters and erector-set style derailleurs. In their place were the sleek lines of the 631 "starfish" crank, the crisp indexed shifting of the 840/841 derailleur and 821 shift levers, and the aero stylings of the 440 brake. Sticking around, for the time being, were the venerable 501 hubs and 860/862 front derailleurs. Not the lightest group around by any stretch, but solid, dependable, and like all things Mavic, rebuildable. It might not retain the quirky personality of earlier Mavic goods, but it still shows off the designed-to-last mentality Mavic was known for.

Here's what Bicycle Guide had to say about it in August of 1990. Enjoy!

Friday, November 06, 2009

1993 Shimano Ultegra 600

A few of you left comments of dropped me emails indicating you'd like to see the Ultegra 600 portions of the '93 Shimano catalog. So here ya go.

Parts on a bike...

1993's complete 600 product line (except for the aero post...)

Brifters (ST-6400), shifters (SL-6401 and SL-BS64) and rear derailleur (RD-6401).

Front derailleurs (FD-6401), cranks (FC-6400), bottom bracket (BB-UN71), Look licensed (PD-6402) and aero clip pedals (PD-6400)

Brake calipers(BR-6403), levers (BL-6402), cassette hub (FH-6402) and front hub (HB-6400).

Cassette (CS-HG90), chain (CN-HG90), headset (HP-6400), seatposts (SP-6400) and stem (HS-6400).

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