Thursday, January 21, 2010

GPM scans

Poor, unloved Gipiemme. One of a handful of unloved Italian component makers (along with Ofmega, Galli, Regina, and probably a few others), who just didn't have the appeal of Campagnolo. Was their stuff bad? Nah - some of it was sourced from other vendors, like Simplex, that made some parts that people love. In their zeal to set themselves apart, however, GPM managed to churn out some seriously ugly groups in the mid-to-late 80's.

Chronosprint Aero

Chronosprint Aero. Probably their high-end group, perhaps alongside WHITE LASER (queue laser sounds).

White Laser

White Laser. I can only assume its named that because you want to burn out your retinas after seeing it, and a laser would make a fine tool with which to do that. Obviously an answer to Shimano's Sante group.


Chronosprint Economy


Any GPM fans out there?


Prolly said...

cue GPM ebay price escalation in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Unknown said...

I actually had a set of the White Laser track cranks...

I've got detailed pix at home.

Anonymous said...

Gipiemme componentry group on Flickr:-

Isaac Schell said...

I picked up a really nice Somec pista a few years back at T-town. It came half Gipiemme components, and really horrible road bike components. Even the drop outs were Gipiemme, so I assume thats how it originally came stock. When I got it home and replaced the tiny road ring with a pista ring and torqued the cranks down nice and tight, the drive side arm hit the chain stay. The aluminum was so soft, compared to the bottom bracket spindle that it compressed! Since that day I haven't been a fan.

Aki said...

I used pieces of the Chronospecial group for a while (although I had no idea they were part of such a named group).

The race I won because of the pedals:

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