Friday, January 22, 2010

Rock Shox Paris-Roubaix EXPLOSION!

No, no, no...not an explosion involving a Paris-Roubaix fork. A exploded assembly view for said fork!

BTI's 1995 catalog contains diagrams for just about every suspension fork on the market at the time, including the Paris-Roubaix. Back then, you could use the diagram to order replacement parts. Now, you can use the diagram to lament that fact that you can't order replacement parts.


jusvelos said...

hi,I am trying to identify 2 hi flange shimano hubs which are date coded for 1995&2000.thanks,richard

FluffyChicken said...

Well The Paris-Roubaix parts are the same as the 1994 MAG21 and later years. Just a few things differ.

If you search you can still get parts, or find a pair of MAGs to raid for parts.
They are serviced the same as well.

and you can get much better exploded diagrams here
for example.
if anyone is really interested.

sound like a good book you have though with some prices as well.

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