Friday, February 19, 2010

Harry's Coney Island Velodrome Exhibit

TFG (that's TearsForGears) buddy and NY Bike Jumble founder Harry Schwartzman has spent years working museums, and is finally getting the opportunity to do a bike-related exhibit. His latest project is on the Coney Island Velodrome. It's set to open up on April 1, at the site of the Brooklyn Bike Jumble, the Old Stone House. (also the site of the original clubhouse for the Brooklyn Dodgers, for those of you who care about such things). Putting on an exhibit like this is a serious undertaking, and donations go a long way in helping to defray the associated costs. If you feel like you can spare a few dollars for whats sure to be a great exhibit, I know Harry would appreciate it. Click here for more info.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Road Bike Action August 1993 - Paris-Roubaix

58 days until Paris-Roubaix. You ready? I'm ALMOST ready...still have a little work to do...

Here's a little weekend reading, to get you in the mood - Road Bike Action's coverage of Paris-Roubaix 1993. Won by the previous year's winner, Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle from the Gan team. With the success he had riding a Rock Shox fork the previous year, the peloton went a little suspension crazy, riding Rock Shox Paris-Roubaix's, suspension stems, and all sorts of other mad scientist style creations.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Merckx Teams 1989

ADR, Domex, La William, Teve Blad, 7-Eleven, Hitachi and Stuttgart. As its says, Kelme not included.

scan provided by 'J2000E'

Friday, February 05, 2010

VeloNews July 1994 - Rock Shox and Campagnolo

My scanner is really terrible at handling large format documents. It only fits up to legal size, so that made it a little hard to scan in this latest batch of stuff. I apologize for the crude re-piecing of the first page - hopefully everything is still readable without inducing a migraine.

It's pretty obvious I'm on an early 90's tech kick at the moment (and, I suppose, the last 4+ years of this blog). Some stuff survived this transitional period, some didn't. The scans below cover 2 items, one of which fizzled out, and one that talks about the comeback of Campagnolo. From the July 11, 1994 VeloNews, Maximizing use of your Rock Shox and Campagnolo: An Italian renaissance. Read on!

No, no, I'm not going to start talking about vintage MTB stuff. The Mag-21 IS almost identical internally to the Paris-Roubaix, however, and tuning is a pretty similar experience.

Little article on Campy's comeback as well...

Ready to tune your Paris-Roubaix now? Whaddya mean you don't have one?!

Sorry, the crappy scanner necessitated chopping the very top of Indurain's TT bike.

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