Sunday, February 17, 2013

Syncro 2 Insert Tool

Ever notice how bike maintenance goes much, much smoother when you have the correct tools? And how horribly awry things can go when you don't? I'm not proud to admit I've marred the edges of a headset top nut by trying to use an adjustable wrench instead of taking literally 2 steps to the right to grab a proper headset wrench. Or rounded off the small bolt that attaches the cable to the front derailleur. We've all done these sorts of things, felt a little sheepish about being lazy, and learned our lesson. Mostly.

One question I've gotten on occasion, given my somewhat suspect reputation as a Campagnolo Syncro shifter expert, is how to install shift inserts in to the levers. I've always just used a pick or small hex wrench to push back the G spring on one side, and tried to push the insert in. Giant pain to do, and an excellent way to stab yourself with a pick. Given how infrequently one would ever actually change an insert, I didn't spend too much time figuring out a good way to do it.

As you'd expect, there's actually a proper tool to install the shift inserts - with the somewhat non-descriptive name of Syncro 2 Quick Mount. I made a little video to show how the tool works.

It's definitely one of those tools no one should really need - who works on that many Syncro levers, especially in 2013? But for the workshop that needs to have the correct tool for every weird, esoteric bike's another one to watch eBay for!

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