Monday, September 03, 2007

More Merckx team bikes...

First up, we have the La William team from 1989. They rode a yellow and blue frame, with a lighter blue point. I've never seen one. I have no idea if the scheme was ever available to the public. Anyone have one?

Domex/Weinmann, and later just Weinmann, were responsible for 2 separate team liveries.

The Domex/Weinmann team frame was a pretty attractive one, in white and blue, with orange accents. While the team photo, in black and white, is entirely useless, a picture here shows it off nicely. Strangely, however, my serial number database doesn't have any examples. I'm almost positive, however, that I've seen them. Do you have one? How is it you haven't sent me pictures and your serial yet?!

In 1990 and 1991, Domex and Weinmann split up. The Weinmann team continued on Merckxs, in a new color scheme, as seen above. To go with the worlds ugliest jersey, they settled on a color scheme that, strangely, works. Course, I'm the guy with the purple and orange blog color scheme, so take that opinion with a grain of salt. For those of you who don't believe anyone would match hot pink with neon yellow and purple, here's just one sample of a team member in a publicity shot. They all look equally confused at how a color blind person managed to design their color scheme.

I finally found evidence of what I've suspected -- that the Weinmann color scheme in 1990 is a little different. You can see it above from a Crescent catalog. It lacks the pink rear triangle and bottom bracket areas, and reverses the green and pink in the points -- as seen here.

You may be noticing, I'm a big fan of de weilersite, aka for those of you who, like me, don't speak dutch, as well as I don't speak flemish either, but the list of teams can be found here, and riders here.

Next up, we'll shift to some of the pretty well known teams: Lotto, Kelme and Panasonic.


Anonymous said...

I was more than a little surprised to see a picture of the Merckx frame I sold on ebay a few months ago. The interesting thing is that I used your database to decipher the serial number before I posted the frame for sale! Looking at your chart and other frames I've seen with the same colors I thought that it wore the Team Telecom colors. (Were Domex/Weinmann and Telecom related teams?) The stays on this bike are actually pink (I used my phone's camera, so not the best), and I still have more pictures that more clearly indicate this if you would like them. You can contact me at jokyo at floatingworld dot us and I'll send you what pictures I have. Cheers, D

Jeremy said...

I'll happily admit to reappropriating pics from bikes off eBay -- but you actually mailed me the pics of the Team Weinmann frame, to the merckxserials -at- cadre dot org address. Thanks for sending it in! I remember being thankful at the time that it was just too big for me.

Domex/Weinmann and Telekom weren't related as far as I know. Team Stuttgart, however, was related to Telekom, providing most of the initial 1991 team. Unfortunately, only I found my joke about the Puma bag in the Stuttgart team photo from my last post funny. Telekom, doping, drugs in the Puma bag...guess I have to wait a few years before I can joke. I wonder if Festina jokes are acceptable yet...

Anonymous said...

was the frame with '91 weinmann colour scheme sold to ordinaly cyclists?
I have the same frame, and I did checked your page about serial numbers, but I couldn't find the same one.
The model is corsa extra.

Douglas said...

Surprise to see photos of the bike frame I bought on EBay a few year back. The seller use the same photos to sell the frame. I have since built it up using mostly Campagnolo chorus components. Thanks for showing the photos

Jeff Griffin said...

I am wondering what jersey really goes with the team Weinmann bike with the pink rear triangle. I have that frame built up with super record and ride it quite often. A very nice riding experience. Would like to have a jersey to complete the kit.

The serial number is
Non drive side:C 8017
Drive side:D 00

Top tube has Corsa sticker.
Sloped fork crown. Painted fork
EM pantograph on top of seat stays
Chrome chain stay on drive side only.
Bosses for water bottle cages on down and seat tube
aero cable guide through top tube for rear brake
Braze on front deraileur
Braze on down tube shifter bosses.

Jasper said...

Hey. I have a Team LA William-Eddy Merckx bicycle. Have a look at Pedalroom, bicycle and jersey are posted there: - Greetings from Belgium! - Jasper

Emerxil said...

D0C C8017 - Corsa Columbus SL - 1991

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