Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Mavic stuff? Who woulda guessed...

If there's one thing you can count on, its that I always have Mavic stuff to show off. These are the most recent additions.

Mavic 860 front derailleur, in the later, brown cardboard packaging. Earlier versions were in a yellow box with a mylar window. There's a ton of new in box Mavic stuff on the market these days. I'll post a yellow box pic once I dig one out of storage.

This is sort of a neat item. It's an early Mavic rebuild kit for the 500 RD front hub. The high tech packaging differentiates the different rebuild kits with a marker crossing out the 5 and 6 speed rear kits.

The contents are all the pieces required for a rebuild, including the bearings, adjuster shields, caps, spacers and c-clips.

If there's one Mavic item thats proved elusive, its a seat post. I have one, but it looks like someone sought out the most burred, undersized seat tube they could find, inserted it, raised and lowered it repeatedly, and then chucked it in a corner. In other words, if you have one that you're looking to sell, feel free to contact me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post on vintage Mavic.

I didn't realize the old Mavic SSC post was so rare. A cycling friend just gave one to me as a gift a few weeks ago. Not NOS, but near mint, with hardly a mark or scratch.

I was hoping to gather other Mavic SSC parts from the late 80's, a combination of Kelly's and Lemond's groups to mount on an NOS Merckx MX Leader, but the rarity of these parts makes it difficult. So I'll combine that beautiful post with 2006 Chorus (pre-QS) which is a great value right now.

Thanks again for your fun site and great writing.


Jeremy said...

Hey Marco-
Thanks for the compliments! Its fun to write about this equipment, and I hope it helps people out a little.

Some of the late 80's Mavic stuff isn't terribly rare. Front derailleurs are pretty abundant, and not terribly expensive. Brakes can be found, but tend to be pricey. Freewheel hubs are pretty cheap in used condition. Rear derailleurs are popping up more regularly lately, but still sell for quite a bit. Clipless pedals are pretty easy. Headsets too, if you're willing to pay.

The really hard to find bits, in my experience, are reasonably priced 571/2 HG hubs (these can run Shimano cassettes), and the seat post. The last of the Modolo made brakes are also a pain to find (the 440's).

There's a lot of stuff out there, so with a little patience and some luck, you should be able to assemble a tout Mavic bike if you want. The older Chorus stuff is nice, however, so it sounds like you won't go wrong either way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeremy! Sorry for the long response time, have been "distracted" by work.

My NOS MX Leader is on its way to me, so I'm expecting it in about a month (overseas shipment, surface). I'll send you a pic of it once I have it set up. I'll stick with the older Chorus for that, but thank you for your comments about the availability of 80's Mavic.

After the MX Leader is on the road, I have another lugged bike, this time a custom, in the works. I've ordered it with dt bosses, just in case I want to go old school shift levers.

If I don't go with downtube 10sp DA, imagine the following: Mavic SSC or 1000 rear derailleur (in some ways, I like the silver Mavic 1000 r/der even better than the anodized SSC), the older Modolo Master Pro/Mavic brake calipers but with the '88 aero levers (think Demol and Wegmuller, 1988 Paris-Roubaix), and the "starfish" cranks cuz I can't push 42t as an inner and need the 39t...that would be cool!

Keep up the great work on this wonderful site :)


Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for a Mavic Seatpost? http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/205657_1960099486706_1369352002_32261518_1344767_n.jpg
pignonsurue @free.fr
(Toulouse, FRANCE)

Anonymous said...

I need the braze-on mounting washer (gray thing that surrounds mounting bolt's head) for a model 862 front derailleur. Anyone got an extra? A friend gave me the mechanism, but the washer's missing.

Thanks for any help.


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