Saturday, November 01, 2008

Recent find...

At a bike swap recently, I managed to score this:

What's that in the bag???

New-in-bag Eddy Merckx pantographed Cinelli 1-A stem. Probably mid-80's, judging by the bar size, packaging, and the font the Merckx pantograph uses. Too bad its so short!


Anonymous said...

HI , if it's too short for you , im always open to 90mm-100mm panto merckx stems . wanna sell it ?

Jeremy said...

It's an 80mm - and it's going to stay in the collection for at least a little while.

Killa Kareem said...

heyo, I've been looking for a shorter merckx stem for my corsa extra track bike project. I bought a pantographed cinelli merckx stem that has much more engraving detail than the one yours has in close to mint condition but unfortunately its 130 mil. and just looks awful on the track bike. would you consider a swap? please let me know! I let a stem like yours slip by me on ebay recently and it was devestating!!!

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