Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shimano STI Tech 1-sheeter and compatibility chart (and shameless self-promotion)

More 1993 Shimano catalog goodness. This is the 1 page on STI brifter technology, along with an overly confusing compatibility chart.

In entirely unrelated news, I have some of the items you may have seen on this blog for sale up on eBay. Sometimes we have to let go of (parts from) the past in order to move forward (on new acquisitions).


Peter said...

It might be related to the fact that i work for Shimano, but I found the compatability chart to be very straight forward. You should see the doozy of a chart in the 2010 OE-manuals showing cross compatability between 7800, 7900 AND 6600, 6700 series components. (I'm still not perfectly certain wether 7800 and 7900 cassettes are regarded as "A compatible" or not :-)

Jeremy said...

Good thing I'm still in 9-speed land on my "modern" bike (2003 LOOK KG281). Everything got simple once DA started toeing the line with regard to shifter and derailleur geometry.

It goes without saying, of course, that I'd be happy to work up some 7800/7900 compatibility charts for you. Just send some 10s goodness my way.

(and it really goes without saying, if the good folks at Shimano want to send me any late 80's/early 90's marketing/sales material, I'd love to scan 'em and make them available)

Peter said...

The material I have in our Norwegian office stretches back to about 1999/2000. This coincides with what can be regarded as the absolute cut off for what's offered in stocked spares, etc.

Peter watson said...

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