Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mavic Tech Manuals

I recently came upon a couple of different caches of Mavic literature. Original marketing or technical materials are invaluable resources. Unfortunately, a lot of people agree, and pay absolutely ridiculous prices for them on eBay. That's fine for the collector, but what about the guy who just wants to know how to work on their 851 derailleur?

Or 840/841 derailleur?

Or convert their 631 double crank in to a single? What about that guy?

Don't worry, 305, 315, 316, 317 headsets, 500, 510 and 550 RD hubs, 610 and 616 bottom brackets, 637 crank, 646 pedals, 820 and 821 shifters, 845 and 801 derailleurs, we remember you too.

Here's the 89/90ish technical manual. I'll post the later 1995ish technical diagram update tomorrow - that'll get the 571/2 hubs, 631/2 cranks, and a scad of other items in to the mix as well.

Now go forth and fix your Mavic stuff! If you promise to stop making up random numbers for Mavic components, I might even post more! And if you're sitting on resources that aren't already scanned, scan 'em. If you need help, let me know.


Anonymous said...

brilliant! thanks jeremy.
any chance you could get a better scan up of the 571/2 hubs i can't make out the details and i'm planing on changing a freehub body over (it has no internals just the outer alloy shell)

Jeremy said...

Hey Simon. Check out this.

I believe you owe me Cougar pics...

(The frame builder, people, the frame builder)

Jürgen Häberer said...

hej jeremy, great stuff on here! helped me a lot setting up my mavic 851/860 ssc setup on my vintage cyclocross project...

pics available @ http://fotos.rennrad-news.de/s/8175

keep it up and running please!
kind regards

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