Monday, November 06, 2006

Mavic 821 Shifters

Mavic's 821 shifters were their only non-electronic foray in to indexed shifting***. They're ultra simple, and in some ways fairly crude. I'll do a teardown of them with pictures at some point.

Really, this posting is just an excuse to post a picture shot in my home made lightbox. Makes for a nice, smooth background with no flash reflections. Still needs some work, and I need to get used to shooting in it, but it should make the quality of my pictures at least tolerable.

*** Their MTB Wishbone shifters were the same basic design, using a notched disc. Same general idea, but different. My mistake.


Cracked Headtube said...

Wow, you've seriously become a full fledged geek....Did this all start fter UBI? Did that tat'd up messenger kid influence you something terrible or what? Did that fixed gear bike start this, or was it the 15 mile ride on a cannondale to get some Thai food from a trailer do it? Oregon was great wasn't it? Hey, I've a new blog up, and did I tell you I'm working at American Classic, building wheels now? Blog me. -Jeremy Q

Jeremy said...

You did tell me you were at American Classic. Good stuff. Tried to mail you a few weeks ago, to your aol address. Still using that address?

The 15 miler on that stiff-as-fuck Cannondale did *nothing* for me. Neither did the trailer Thai. See my latest post for the lowdown.

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