Thursday, February 08, 2007

Merckx serials and dating frames

Finally made my Merckx serial list public and palatable for the world at large. Check it out at


Anonymous said...

I have a Merckx with the serial number--H7C-7430 B

Does anyone know anything about this, i believe it is a late 80's 7-11 frame.

I had it powder coated in blue and am looking to put on some decals, just wanting accurate dates to go by


Anonymous said...

Hi all does anyone know what the serial number on a Eddy Merckx frame means C 1049 ? It's painted in Molteni orange and has the rear brake cable guided through the top tube.
Any help would be appreciated

Unknown said...

I am looking at buying an Eddy Merckx Strada
all the frames I have seen have the EM on the forks and also the rear of the frame near to the seat pillar. The one I am looking at doesn't have the EM on the rear, is this correct???

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