Friday, February 22, 2008

Somewhat hard to find Mavic piece

I love buying from the French sellers on eBay. They've got all sorts of NOS Mavic bits, and while shipping isn't cheap, they're usually happy to combine shipping, and stuff gets to me FAST -- from the Paris area to NYC seems to take less time than from California. Being an impatient type, its always great to receive a package before I expect it.

This is an 821 shifter. Its the later packaging for Mavic components. Earlier parts were shrink-wrapped to a yellow, Mavic-logo'd card if they were on the small side. I'm sure stocking meant both were available in parallel -- but this packaging for the 821 was later.

The front 821 shifter is a retrofriction unit, not unlike the older 820 shifter. I don't think the 821 was made by Simplex, but its a possibility.

The 821 isn't hard to find, but the mount for non-steel frames isn't a piece I've seen before.

One of my dirty bike secrets is that I do, in fact, own a composite frame. Its an old Specialized Epic, that I refuse to love or care about too much, as its meant to be my commuting bike. It's sporting a Sachs 8-speed brifter indexing to a Sachs 7-speed freewheel, which works great, along with a normal Shimano downtube shifter for the front rings. It's unlikely I'll ever use the Mavic shifter on it, but its nice to have the option to. Now to track down a right-side mount...can't ever have too many options.


wingnut said...

Just so you know, there's a left/front 821 shifter on ebay at present

Unknown said...

Hi, nice post. I am a fellow Mavic fan. I am building up a Look KG 196 with Mavic bits (1992/93 Once TdF spec). I have a pair of Mavic 820/821 shifters but I got stuck mounting them - they have a concave mounting surface (for round tube steel bikes) and they don't fit on the flat-ish carbon frame. I found your post about the non-steel spacers. I have never seen these either. Do you have any spare I could buy from you or would you be happy posting some photos and measurements of them from various angles and maybe I can make something up. I can't bring myself to take a grinder to the mounts to flatten out the mounting surface (I've seen it done). So I will have to put something else on them if I can't solve the issue. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Regards, Andrew

David Staudacher said...

Jeremy: I'm building up a Vitus 992 to match the "all Mavic" one pictured here:
Your "tears for gears" blog has been a frequent and delightful reference. Very nice!

Andrew Wilkinson: Would you by chance be the same Ebay seller who sold me the Mavic brakeset pictured here? (It was shipped from Old Town Florida).
Now I only wish I'd bought your Mavic 631 crankset too as it is proving hard to find one as nice for the same price!

Jeremy: Please *remove* the post from "Văn Sát" above as it is spam and a blemish on your beautiful site!

Jeremy said...

Hah thanks for the heads up on the spam, David. I went and did some scrubbing across the site - Google used to be good about cleaning them out on their own, but they've been neglecting Blogger the last handful of years and I guess anti-spam is one of those areas that doesn't garner as much work.

Matt Forrester said...

G'day Jeremy, as a fellow Mavic NUT, with more than 10 groupsets' worth of their SSC components from the late 80's/early 90s - including handlebars & quill stems - & 7 sets of 571/2 hubs & more 'semi-vintage' rims than I care to count, I ALWAYS enjoy reading your high-quality & informative blog posts.

Anyway, I recently noticed upon eBay that Mike from Pacific Coast Cycles (California) had a pair of near-new 821 shifters but designed for a composite frame - listed for sale upon eBay - something that I'd not previously seen either, although I own 5 1/2 (including an 'orphan' left lever) pairs of lightly used 821 shifters for steel frames, as well as a NOS pair in the shrink-wrapped yellow Mavic plastic that you also mentioned above & that I plan to never remove from its packaging!

And of my 9 imminent 'semi-vintage' bike builds - a NOS LOOK KG76 Kevlar Hinault & a NOS TVT92 Aluminium, as well as 7 exact replicas of the 7 bikes that Lemond rode to his 3 TDF victories (2 La Vie Claire, 3 ADR-Agrigel & 2 Z Vêtements), 4 of them will be fully kitted out with MAVIC, 3 with full Dura Ace 7402/03 8-speed & the first two that I mentioned with full 600 Ultegra 'tricolour' 8-speed - with Cinelli stems & bars for the 5 Shimano builds - & one of the TVT92 Carbone frames within my 7 'Lemond TDF bikes' collection requires this pair of 821 shifters, while the other carbon frame of this group of 9 frames of mine that I will be 'dressing' in Mavic will simply be using the Simplex-manufactured "Mavic 820" retrofriction shifters.

Rather than taking my own photos of the aforementioned 821 shifters to add to this post, here is the link to the eBay page for the ad:

My sincere apologies for the verbosity of this message but I can NEVER write succinctly when it comes to MAVIC, LOOK or Monsieur Lemond!!

Cheers & best wishes from "Down Under", mate...Matt.

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