Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Merckx serial number updates!

I finally began making updates to the serial list. Its been a few months. When you procrastinate with something like this, it gets harder and harder to convince yourself to tackle the mess you've made. So I'm taking it slow.

I added 6 1985 frames to the list today. I have another 60 from 1986 and on that I'll be adding over the next few days, and then probably another 20 I'll do over the next couple of weeks. I've added a column denoting new additions since 4/15, so you can get your pic fix without seeing frames you've already seen.

(4/18) Just added some 86/87 'A' coded frames.

(4/25) Just added 13 88/89 'B' coded frames.

(5/12) Back from vacation! 'C' coded frames coming soon.


Unknown said...

Hi, I have got a Mercks Corsa Extra equiped with Shimano's Dura Ace parts.

I found this serial number until the frame:


I bought this bike in Germany, in Year 2000, of course it wasn't new.

I don't know when the bike was made.

Can You tell me something about the history of this bike or something
else what can be intresting for me.

(I have pictures too, but I can't they attache to this blog.)

Unknown said...

Hello there! Can you tell me anything about the Merckx 'multisoport' circa 85? I can't seem to find any info on this model...

Ols said...
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Ols said...


I got a Mercks that I bought from a neigbour in the early 90`. He told me it was made in 1986 or 1987. Can you help me find out more about my bike?

Serial number:

M (I think)5
5759 E

Anonymous said...


my Eddy Merckx bike has the serial numbers: 3XP 8572 Z what do you think it is? it is mint and has all the stickers on it and it does not have the corsa extra sticker I see on a lot of bikes. It does have the slx steel sticker under the top tube.

Anonymous said...

I have a Merckx serial number 5X 8604 Z. I suppose it is a Corsa Extra made in 1985. It still has the original SLX Columbus tubing decal. Anyone have any ideas?? Thank you. Hobbs, NM

Ron said...

Thanks for the list. I have a 91/92 Corsa Extra and I can't decipher the serial number. Can you help me out?

It's 8YX A 2060

I want to put it up for sale and I'd like to be better able to describe it.


Anonymous said...

I have a Merckx Professional Serial number A6R E 4598. It has a light blue metallic Reynolds 531 frame 56 cm with a chrome fork and two chrome chain stays. I believe it was built in 1982.

Emerxil said...

T A4464 - 1987 - Corsa Extra
Merckx Multisport - dont exist
M5 E5759 - 1983 - Professional Columbus SL
P3X Z8572 - 1986 - Corsa Extra SLX
5X Z8604 - 1986 - Corsa Extra SLX
Y8X A2060 - 1987 - Corsa Extra SLX
A6R E4598 - 1982 - Professional Reynolds 531

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