Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eddy Merckx 1992 Catalog Pages

My friend Harry broke his leg a few months ago. He's back on the bike now, but for a while he was stuck sitting around a whole lot. With all of the downtime he been dug up all sorts of cool catalogs. Here's another one.


These are the Merckx pages from the Gita Collezione 1992 catalog. Let's see what we have

First on the page is the Merckx Max. Max?! Yep, the Max. The Max was the predecessor to the MX Leader. It used a non-Merckx specific lugset, with a fairly chunky looking fork crown. Fastbacked seat stays. These were only offered in 1992, and were redesigned a bit for 1993, with some slightly different tubing specs, a new fork crown, and its new name - MX Leader. The catalog shows it in the Telekom color scheme. Others were surely available as well.

The Corsa, Corsa Extra and Pista are largely unchanged from how they were spec'd starting in 1985. The Corsa was offered in the 7-11 color scheme, even though they became Motorola for the 1991 season.

The Century was still available in 1992 as well. 4 colors shown in the catalog - Kelme's "later" color scheme, Motorola (note the Motorola Cycling decal near the head tube), the always hideous Tutti Frutti, and Blue Cobalto.

Also shown on this page is a Corsa from the previous page in Faema replica livery.


Prolly said...

Great post man.

Peter said...

This is why I check by your blog pretty much every day. When something comes along it's always pure gold.

chrisw said...

Jeremy, wonder if you could help date a Merckx frame bottom bracket detail is G above 7 on left and 170 horizontally on right, tubing is Columbus SL.
Thanks Chris

Emerxil said...

EM Corsa Extra MAX - 1990-1992
EM MX Leader - 1992-2004?
G7 170 - Professional (very early)- prod. summer 1980

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