Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mavic 1992 Catalog

We're totally going in to catalog mode over here at tearsforgears hq. All courtesy of Harry. He gave me a pile of catalogs to scan. Originals are cool, but scanned means instead of just me getting to pour over all the cool pictures, you can too. And given that I'm pretty sure Harry had these in his bathroom at some point, you don't have to touch them. Just me.

You know the drill. Click any image for the larger version.

Quick comment on the last page. The 451 brake levers have the Mavic 'M' logo underneath the Mavic lettering. The sets I've owned and seen don't have the logo. Has anyone seen a set that does?


imhousing said...

thank you thank you thank you!

just sayin

your blog rocks

imhousing said...

o yea, check your links. most of those pictures are directed towards the 3rd page...

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the compliments, Mark. And thanks for letting me know I had some broken HTML in there. Should be a-ok now.

Unknown said...

Awesome. This stuff continues to work so smoothly for me. The early 90s rule.

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