Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Merckx Teams 1989

ADR, Domex, La William, Teve Blad, 7-Eleven, Hitachi and Stuttgart. As its says, Kelme not included.

scan provided by 'J2000E'


Prolly said...

Great find!

Jeremy said...

All credit to J2000E!

It rules to open your mail and find something like this, right?

VC Slim said...


My version of team ADR has top tube brake cable braze-ons. Now use it as a fixie equipped with C-Record.

J2000E said...

To be correct I found that scan on the net. Someone else ought to get credit for it - but I have no idea of who. Tought it was too good not to share with you all.
Very best regards

cyclist said...

Nice to meet you.
May I introduce your blog?
It is interested very much.
I also have MERCKX.
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Emerxil said...

This is a later version, "censored"; all frame signatures and the tube type sticker on the Domex frame have been changed. Invaluable information is the coding of the painting schemes (2-3 letters under the team name). Previously the signatures looked like this (frames from the left): Corsa Extra SLX, ADR-Team '88; Corsa Extra 753, Weinmann-Domex-Team '89; Corsa Extra SLX, Blau/gelb Profidesign; Corsa Extra SLX, Lotto-Team '89; Corsa Extra SLX, Seven-Eleven-Team '89; Corsa Extra SLX, Hitachi-Team '88/'89; Corsa Extra SLX, Deutsches Profiteam '89. The photo signature of the Chrono model included: Lackierung Kelme-Team '86. The photo of Strada model was removed. Interesting fact: at the time of creating the original version the names of teams La William and Stuttgart were not known yet, the Grand Prix name for Reynolds 753 frames was not introduced yet, and it was hoped that Lotto would continue to use Eddy Merckx bikes. The original version used German.

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