Friday, February 05, 2010

VeloNews July 1994 - Rock Shox and Campagnolo

My scanner is really terrible at handling large format documents. It only fits up to legal size, so that made it a little hard to scan in this latest batch of stuff. I apologize for the crude re-piecing of the first page - hopefully everything is still readable without inducing a migraine.

It's pretty obvious I'm on an early 90's tech kick at the moment (and, I suppose, the last 4+ years of this blog). Some stuff survived this transitional period, some didn't. The scans below cover 2 items, one of which fizzled out, and one that talks about the comeback of Campagnolo. From the July 11, 1994 VeloNews, Maximizing use of your Rock Shox and Campagnolo: An Italian renaissance. Read on!

No, no, I'm not going to start talking about vintage MTB stuff. The Mag-21 IS almost identical internally to the Paris-Roubaix, however, and tuning is a pretty similar experience.

Little article on Campy's comeback as well...

Ready to tune your Paris-Roubaix now? Whaddya mean you don't have one?!

Sorry, the crappy scanner necessitated chopping the very top of Indurain's TT bike.


Peter said...

For those who mainly stick to on-road stuff - The Author of the Rock Shox piece, Scot Nicol, is quite a MTB-legend and the brain behind Ibis Cycles. ( - including the (in)famous CX-bike Hakkalügi, a bike painted in the incredible colorway "Phlegmish Yellow" :)

Joanne said...

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