Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Connie Paraskevin Young Merckx Pista

Someone presumably doing a little serial number research sent me these pics the other day, and I thought I'd share them with all of you. It's owner, Marc St. Martin, wrote me the following about it:

I recently purchased an Eddy Merckx pista and have confirmed with Eddy Merckx cycles (through Gitabike) that it was built in 1987 for Connie Paraskevin Young. I suspect it was used by her in the 1987 UCI Track Worlds in Austria. It was all white and equipped tout Mavic at that time. In 1988, Connie enlisted Keith Anderson (confirmed by Keith) to livery the bike as a Murray. It was then put into service late in 1988 for the Sundance Juice Sparkler series. It is serial #A 4694 A, Columbus SLX, 47cm.

Very cool! Enjoy the pics.

Thanks for sharing, Marc!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy,

Good day,

I am bob and i would to ask you the following. i am going to buy Campagnolo syncro shifters for my old bike as here and three months i started a copmplete restoration. And this since i found out tha my old bicycle is a rare bicycle.

Can i convert the 7 gear shifters to an 8 gears since i am wearing 8 gears chainring? where i can find a boss colar for 8 gears. is it possible?

Tinj said...

Quite an interesting story behind that pista, thanks for sharing, it's crazy to think of all the places that bike has been.

dontcoast said...

damn. one hell of a champ's bike and piece of history. that lady did a bunch for track cycling and women's racing

where in the world did the lucky buyer find it?

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