Monday, December 31, 2007

Marc - V.R.D.

Just recently found another few Merckx sponsored teams. First up is Marc-V.R.D., starting in 1980! Might have been the first Merckx sponsored team.

Their frames looked somewhat similiar to the above. Marc teams continued to use Merckx frames for a couple of years, but I haven't found any decent pictures to indicate what they looked like.

In 1985, Tönnisteiner roade Merckx frames. Here's a black and white picture of Filip Cottenies. In this picture, you can just make out someone (might be Cottenies, I'm not sure) on a white frame with a red head tube and read seat tube panel.


Anonymous said...

This frame is going back up on the auction block - best bike, but too long and stems aren't solving my issues.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing. That's my dad you have there. I didn't know he'd reach the US. Haha :)!
Any chance you have the picture from the link that doesn't work (apparently:

Unknown said...

You're in luck! has a copy.

If that doesn't load for some reason drop another comment here, or send me an email - details are in the box at the upper right of this page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the working link!
The cyclist from Torhout-Werchter in the right isn't Filip Cottenies (my dad ;) ), it's Benny Van Brabant.


Tăng chiều cao said...

Emerxil said...

Marc - Zeepcentrale - EM - 1981 and Marc - Moernlux - EM - 1982, cyclocross: Dany Nooytens, Alfons Van Parijs, Robert Vermeire 2, Lucien Zeimes; frame colours blue (maybe silver)
IWC - Imex - EM 1981/1982, track (Omnium, 6 day racings): Patrick Sercu; frame colour orange (dark yellow). Marc team did not use EM bikes on the road after 1980.

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