Monday, April 05, 2010

HIncapie's rookie year Paris-Roubaix

This'll be George Hincapie's 14th try at Paris-Roubaix, I believe. He's come close to winning, finishing 2nd in 2005, with a handful of other top ten finishes. He's got the experience, but it seems to take a liberal dose of luck to succeed.

Here's a little one pager from 1994 about him, from the June issue of Winning magazine. I wonder what 20 year old George Hincapie would have said had they asked him whether he would be racing Paris-Roubaix 16 years later - let alone whether he'd be considered a contender.


Anonymous said...

Nice coverage I also hate myself how I look sometimes not to worry the heart counts in the long run for many foolhearted people

Doug said...

"Morose Museeuw"! Love it! Thanks!

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