Monday, May 24, 2010

Mavic Paris-Roubaix SSC rims - not IMPOSSIBLE to find...

Just really hard to find, and doubly so at a reasonable price. A pair of new-old-stock rims seems to sell for approximately $500US - excessive to say the least.

Paris-Roubaix's are tough-as-nails rims, made to get down and dirty in the spring classics. They're made to be ridden, not hung on a wall and admired, so I was quite happy to find this gently used set, formerly the property of a Dutch rider from the Agu-Abus-Koga-Cordo team. Patience and careful watching let me pick up them for a fraction of the price of NOS - laced to a really nice set of Shimano Dura Ace 7403 hubs. They'll be relaced to a set of Mavic 571/2 hubs sometime between now and April, 2011 - at which point they'll revisit their cobbled past.


shoegazer said...

nice score - congrats!

Anonymous said...

How are these rims different from GL330s?? The 330s had been know for their reliability (as compared to the lighter GEL280s) What makes the Paris Roubaix rims 5 times more expensive the the GLs could it be just the miystique that the model name adds on to them??


Jeremy said...

The Paris-Roubaix is a wider rim, with thicker sidewalls. It's also heavier, at a claimed 400 grams, versus the GL 330, at (again, claimed) 330 grams.

Paris-Roubaix extrusion

GL 330 extrusion

Anonymous said...

btw - I found a old/new pair of these in my bike room which I would sell,one 32, one 36 holes - if you are interested .

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